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Very cool! Can't wait to see how this turns out. We own a Techbuilt in Madison, Wisconsin, and it has been partially renovated. Ours is the Devon 480 with a detached two-car garage. Good luck with your renovation!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Ariella. Thanks for letting me know that you've also own a Techbuilt home and that you are watching our progress. So afar it has been a fun experience.


I'll have to agree with the choice of going with high ceiling, any updates on this project?

David Meerman Scott

Hey Ryan, I update the site about twice a month. Now we are finishing up rough plumbing and electrical in the Techbuilt side. Targeting completion of the project in January.

William Hudson

I grew up in the house that was built in Uniontown, PA that shown in the brochure. A great home unlike any seen anywhere at the time. We had lots of visitors over the years stop by to get a tour of it’s uniqu features.

David Meerman Scott

William - we love our Techbuilt house especially now that it is fully renovated.

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